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Sorry Tickt User :-(

Thank you to everyone that use to Tickt during the pass ten month, however we were not able to fulfill our expectations during the last few month... due to high volume of work in the MEVUP Studio.. Pretty soon We're going to be moving to WWW.MEVUP.COM A More premium site Where you can get the best of the best, free review and prizes for the best sites and more... For partnership and support please contact Hello@Mevup.com follow us on twitter for the latest updates


Thank You                                                                                      D. Simon                                                                      Ceo/Admin 

Words.. From Passit

Passit is currently looking for a voluntary blogger to write review about other Website and Technologies, Actualities and more.  So if you Planning on Working a news media Passit Is the Place to start Blogger will not only have the the opportunities to broadcast their blog all over the world via Passit, JN (Joly News) Mobile apps, our toolbar, but they will also have the opportunity of an moderate membership, a stable  reference... and more since it's voluntary Blogger can work on their own times and terms, if you interested please contact us. 

 PassIt  Now Release the new  Myspace like social network, With chat toolbar and RSS feed from Passit, and tick And more More Passit. PSocial is the next big thing  Sign up for free today at www.psocial.tk a PassIt Website...

 D. K Simon