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 Passit Inc and tickt Have work on many small and big project some we succeed and others we fail.  Here are some of our success..

Joly News Mobile  App Description                                                                      Joly News(JN) Is a mobile App Available on Iphone, Ipod, Ipad, Android, Window, Nokia And More... Its Allow user to Read the new feed from the Major News Network CNN, MSNBC, CBS, BBC, FOX, and more...  visit on your mobile device. jn.mobapp.at


Mokeydo  Fun Facebook Games  inspired by Dont feed the Monkey D. Simon release Mokey do Facebook   Apps Very succesful 100's of player Playes everyday Mokey do is one of our Best Since Who Heart.. Facebook Apps for more in visit   

More Coming soon

Who Heart Me                                                 Facebookapps                                                               




I Know My Bff's 

 Description Coming Soon



 Jerks Media Ent. Comin Soon



Banner, Ads codes boxes will be added very soon for a sample of our ads scrow down this page to see the Passit ads.  Our affiliates programs are really great, share the words on your social webpage Like Facebook, Myspace, twitter, Hi5, Bebo and more... Passit is depend on you the user...
Some of out partner are JolyNews. Walletmoney, Wond3r Master (R), Passit store, Jerks Media, and more....
This site is still under  construction so we are doing our best finished with the package as soon ass possible


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